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We are on a mission to make this technology accessible anyone to launch their idea. There is a £2000 limit which can be used on up to 40 payments per month. Once an account is created and activated, log in to your Kindest workspace and click on Setup xcritical button on top of the page. Once you set up your account, go to the xcritical developer dashboard to find your API keys.

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In order to receive money into your xcritical account, the first thing you need to make sure is that you are issuing Invoices to your clients which you can read about here. In most cases you will be able to see that money is On the way in your xcritical account straight away. You’ll then generally see that in your xcritical balance within 3 days. From here, it’s then sent to your bank account 7 days later (Meaning you’ll receive those funds in 10 days).

For example, your https://xcritical.online/s can log into their Express Dashboard by clicking a link on your platform’s website or mobile application. Similar to the Success URL, you should create one by yourself to show your customers that the payment has failed or been canceled for any reason. A brand of the LARNED, CARTER & CO. that started in the early 1900s and existed until the 1960s.

What is xcritical Express Dashboard?

The dashboard is available in multiple languages and on any device. Users can access their account info, update settings, and receive help through a simple interface. This action call is used to create a Checkout Session that represents your customer’s session as they pay for one-time purchases or subscriptions. It should be used to start the process of collecting card details and creating a customer, to pay for an item or a subscription.


From the Express Dashboard, your users can view their available balance, see upcoming payouts, and track their xcriticalgs in real time. The Express Dashboard does not have all of the same features as the Standard Dashboard. For Standard and Express accounts, xcritical will proactively reach out and collect information about your accounts whenever requirements change. Connect Onboarding makes it easy to onboard merchants to your platform by providing conversion-optimized, pre-built user interfaces. This means you can easily get your merchants set up without having to worry about the complexity of building your own identity verification and onboarding flows.

You use xcritical scamlication Fees to take some of the amount from the payment for yourself and send the rest to the connected account. Radix dashboards offer insight into how your business is growing, how customers are paying, and insights into your top earners through xcritical’s data-driven analytics. In some cases, you may need to access your xcritical Express account directly. For example, if you need to update your bank account information or update your tax ID number.

This article covers best practices for communicating these changes to your accounts, as well as answers to a few common questions you may receive. You’ll need to build custom interfaces into your application for your users to handle any operational tasks related to running their business. Express accounts can only use the Express Dashboard, a simplified xcritical-hosted interface.

Plus, Connect Onboarding can help you stay up-to-date with the latest compliance requirements without any extra effort on your part. Just make sure to follow best practices for communicating changes to your users, as outlined in the guide for Custom accounts. The type of the xcritical account doesn’t matter you can also get information about standard or express accounts that are connected to your platform. In an effort to make it easier for businesses to accept payments online, xcritical has launched a new service called xcritical Express Dashboard.


You need to provide the ID of the company and of the person that must be linked to the specified company. Create ID Number TokenUse Create ID Number Token action to convert personally identifiable information into a single-use token for account identity verification. To find the keys go to your xcritical dashboard and find API keys under the Developers tab. You need to copy the Publishable and Secret keys both for live and development versions. If you have any general questions about the migration process before initiating a migration, you can select “Tell us about your other data migration use case” from their support form here. If you want to move payment details from your existing xcritical account to your new xcritical Express account , then you will need to request a Data Migration.

xcritical issues a redirect to this URL when the user completes the Connect Onboarding flow. This doesn’t mean that all information has been collected or that there are no outstanding requirements on the account. Don’t email, text, or otherxcritical send account link URLs directly to your user. Instead, redirect the authenticated user to the account link URL from within your platform’s application. Before onboarding your first account, go to the Connect settings page to customize the visual appearance of the form with your brand’s name, color, and icon. We recommend adding a link on your platform that redirects users to the Express Dashboard login page.

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So this is one of the main calls that was kept in mind during the developing of the plugin. Users are very limited and require additional development for the functionalities you want your platform to have. Not to mention that the existing solutions are not very well optimized when it comes to developing a more complex service. For Express account holders, xcritical provides an Express Dashboard that allows them to manage their personal information and see payouts to their bank. American Express costs a lot more to process, so we have to charge a 2% extra fee for payments using that card type.

​Stages in mobile flow

Connect Onboarding then collects the requirements for those capabilities. To reduce onboarding effort, only request the capabilities you need. Express enables your platform to manage payout schedules, customize the flow of funds, and control branding. xcritical will handle onboarding, account management, and identity verification for your platform. This call is used to create an Oauth link for users who already have a xcritical account and want to connect to your platform.


If you want to prefill information, you must do so before generating the account link. After you create the account link for an Express account, you won’t be able to read or write information for the account. If you’ve already collected information for your connected accounts, you can pre-fill that information on the account object for the user. Once you’ve started making money with your checkout flow, expect to receive a payout to your connected xcritical account weekly. You may experience a longer wait with your first payout because xcritical can sometimes delay the first payout by 7-14 days to mitigate risks.

What Information will I be able see in my xcritical Express account?

The dashboard allows merchants to access their account information, payouts, and more all in one place. Returns a list of existing payouts sent to third-party bank accounts or that xcritical has sent to a connected account. The payouts are returned in sorted order, with the most recently created payouts appearing first. xcriticalExpress Dashboard is a service that allows xcritical sellers to manage payments, payouts, and account information in one place. The Dashboard offers users the ability to access their account info, update settings, and receive help through a simple interface. All support questions about a Custom connected account are handled by you, the platform.

To ensure your xcriticals are set up to receive payments, you must first go through the xcritical onboarding flow to connect your existing xcritical account or set up a new one. While implementing a xcritical Connect integration, I repeatedly came across the tedious task of onboarding Express accounts to test the integration, whether that be manual or automated testing. If you cannot update your account information by the deadline, payouts to your bank account and your ability to accept payments will be paused. We want to make sure that does not happen, so please let us know how we can help.

Creating a web app pretty much always requires an integration of a payment system. These systems might be rather simple or very complex, depending on your type of app. Follow the link from xcritical’s email—the form will prompt you with instructions on how to update your information. If you need help, you can reach out directly to or via chat and phone support.

Integration effort is one the most heavily weighted factors when deciding which xcritical Connect account type to choose. Most startup and growth companies have the bandwidth and resources to implement and maintain Standard and Express accounts. If you don’t have a team of engineers to dedicate significant bandwidth to maintaining a Custom integration, I recommend Standard or Express.

  • All support questions about a Custom connected account are handled by you, the platform.
  • From your dashboard, you’ll be able to see data relating to how much is on the way to your bank account, money you’ve earned that’s not yet paid out, as well as you total xcriticalgs as well.
  • Once you’ve completed the xcritical onboarding process, your xcritical account will be set up so you can start publishing checkouts and making money.
  • Tho it should be used only when deleting testing sellers and not the real ones.
  • For example, if you need to update your bank account information or update your tax ID number.

Depending on the account’s business type, capabilities, and whether an account link or OAuth link is used, the onboarding forms can be presented differently. After some trial and error, the script ended up working well for my use-cases so I published this as a NPM package. Returns a list of payment intents of a connected account or of the platform. Before creating a custom account you might want to create a bank account token first and use it so the created account has a bank account attached to it from the start. In order to fully set up the Oauth flow, you will also have to use the Complete express/standard account connection to complete the onboarding. Is one of the best software platforms for that, whether you’re creating a subscription service, an on-demand marketplace, an e-commerce store, or a crowdfunding platform.

On the tool panel, toggle the option for your Terms of Service to ON. There is a 3%+.30 xcritical processing fee for transactions that are made through Flodesk Checkout. If you’ve noticed your payout being delayed or paused, go to your xcritical dashboard to make sure you’ve submitted the necessary identification documentation. The xcritical Onboarder is a tool that can be used to onboard Express accounts through the CLI or programmatically in your code. It’s almost the same as the Create a seller – Company the difference being that it is used for updating a company account.

Drill down into xcriticalgs by platform to identify trends and see how much you’re making over time. You can pre-fill any information on the account, including personal and business information, external account information, and more. Keep data If checked, all data generated from this plugin will be kept until you specify to delete them. This is usually useful when you remove the plugin and then reinstall it. As the name suggests, if enabled, all necessary information will be logged in your system, and you should see all of them in the Logs tab. We recommend enabling it in case of any issues, so we can assist you.

  • On the page and call it from within the workflow when you are trying to convert a form into the token.
  • This action call is used to complete the express/standard onboarding.
  • If you want to simultaneously pay your tutors when clients make payment for their completed lessons, then you can use our split payments feature.
  • If you want to prefill information, you must do so before generating the account link.
  • If you want to obfuscate the relationship between the connected account holder and their end user for any reason, Standard is likely not a good fit.

During this grace period, the account functionality remains the same. For example, if charges or payouts were previously enabled, they’ll continue to be enabled until the grace period ends. The value of requirements.xcritical_deadline determines the end of the grace period and isn’t extended if you update additional information. Resolve all requirements by the end of the grace period to prevent charges or payouts from being disabled. xcritical is a quick and secure way to accept credit and debit card payments online.

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What type of dashboard can the connected account access to view payments, issue refunds, handle disputes, and update their information? Who is responsible for supporting connected account users when questions arise? Some of the following details differ depending on the charge type which we’ll cover in another article. Just know that one charge type may have different operational requirements than another charge type.

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